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Are You Living with Anxiety? Here Are Quick Ways to Cope Anxiety

Do you feel your heart racing, stomach butterflies, and sweaty when you encounter a daunting task or a novel situation? That might be anxiety your body’s response to difficult and stressful situations.

All most all people who are living with anxiety have different triggers, but when it comes to coping with anxiety and panic attacks, identification of anxiety triggers is a prerequisite. If you are unable to recognize what triggers anxiety in you here are the most common triggers:

Your first day at any new place/job/school, meeting someone for the first time, or presenting something in front of a larger audience.

Are You Living with Anxiety? Here Are Quick Ways to Cope Anxiety

And if you know your trigger here are the best ways to cope with anxiety.

You might have noticed if your anxiety is about an upcoming event, this would be short-lived and go away on its own when the anticipated event takes place.

Observe your thoughts and their pattern

When negative thoughts occupy your mind, they can easily increase the intensity of the situation. For this reason, evaluate your every single thought using a paper-pencil approach and see if these thoughts are based on any truths, and try to challenge your fears so that you can get back to normal faster.

Practice deep breathing techniques

Certain breathing techniques can help you calm your anxiety immediately by breaking the chain of thoughts going on in your mind. Here is the best breathing technique for anxiety: The 4-7-8 breathing technique.
1. Breathe in for 4 counts
2. Hold your breath for 7 counts
3. Breathing out for 8 counts
4. Try this for 5 minutes total

Activities to Deal with Anxiety
Quick Ways to Cope Anxiety

Go for aromatherapy

According to various researches, aromatherapy is known to stimulate certain receptors in your brain, possibly relieving anxiety. Various scents can help you calm down your anxiety, whether the scent is in essential oil form or a candle. Using lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood essential oil or candles can be very soothing.

Go for a walk

A slow long walk in nature is another effective strategy to cope with anxious thoughts. Every day try to get at least 30 minutes for a long walk in nature where you can appraise the nature leaving the materialistic things behind. This practice can distract your mind from negative thoughts and may help you relieve anxiety.

Do any anxiety-relieving yoga sequence

To get rid of negative thoughts yoga exercise could help. Follow any yoga sequence for anxiety and make habit of doing it before going to your bed for relaxation and better sleep. Legs up the walls are one of the best restorative yoga poses that can slow your heart rate and provides a good amount of oxygen to your brain cells resulting in calm and light feelings. Perform this pose for 10 minutes while doing deep breathing when you feel anxious and experience calmness within 15 minutes.

Note down your every single thought

Start journaling every single thought that comes to your mind when you feel anxious and when you feel good. This practice will help you understand your thought patterns, triggers, situations and events, and people that you have to avoid.

All the above mention techniques are helpful for those people who experience anxiety, panic attacks, or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

However, if you suspect your anxiety is not going away with these fixes or you suspect you might have GAD, visiting a professional is something that you must not put off along with these coping techniques. Any specialist can help you find the long-term anxiety coping strategies by examining the severity of your symptoms and may even prescribe medications.

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