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U.S. Is Considering To Boycott Beijing Olympics, Biden Says

A boycott would mean that government officials would not attend the Winter Games in February, though it would not prevent U.S. athletes from competing.

President Joe Biden stated that the US is going to consider an ambassadorial refuse of the Winter Olympics (2022) in Beijing, as stress raises to clench China answerable for human rights exploitations.

This embargo restrict government officials from attending the all the Games that will be held in February, although U.S. athletes can participate in the competitions.

U.S. Is Considering To Boycott Beijing Olympics, Biden Says

During a meeting with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House, President Joe Biden talked about the potential for a diplomatic boycott while answering to a reporter’s question.

Few days ago a virtual meeting was held between President Biden and China’s forerunner, Xi Jinping, the main agenda of the meeting was to thwart growing pressures from whirling into a wider conflict. While the Chinese leader Xi cautioned the government against backing up Taiwan, Joe Biden upturned worries about exploitations in the Xinjiang region, Tibet and Hong Kong, as per the statement of White House.


Biden Says US Is Considering To Boycott China Olympics
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Both mistreatments to the Uyghur community, and a squelching on free speech in Hong Kong, have provoked appeals from around 180 human rights administrations and members of Congress to use the Olympics 2022 as a prospect to clasp China answerable. However a few consider a diplomatic boycott as a way to give a message without punishing American athletes, others criticized the effectiveness of squashing an administrative delegation when civic attention is on the athletic games.

Frédéric Mégret, an international human rights lawyer and a co-director of the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism at McGill University said that “Whether we want it or not, the Olympics in Beijing are going to happen,” and the question is: “Do you want to give the Chinese government photo ops?”

Bipartisan livelihood for a diplomatic boycott of has gradually augmented.
Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker) of California suggested the Biden to withhold a United States delegation from attending, although she said that athletes will be able to participate.
While Tom Cotton (Senator), Republican of Arkansas, asked for a complete boycott of the Beijing Olympics.

On the other hand the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, made its point clear by stating that it will not support a boycott that would stop US athletes from participating in Beijing and the committee may sign off in case of any full boycott.

Kate Hartman (a spokeswoman for the committee) said that the consequences of the boycott may negatively influence athletes while not efficiently speaking global issues. She further added that we trust that the more effective way forward is for the global governments and China to involve openly on human rights and geopolitical issues.

According to historians restraining a boycott to government officials is one of the ways to send a message or lesson to the leaderships of the host country (China) while letting athletes to participate and protest oppression and human right abuse on the global stage.


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