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Snapchat Uncovers Augmented Reality Enabled Spectacles

The glasses have the ability to match Snapchat Lenses to your backgrounds — but there is a big catch you can’t buy them.

Snapchat just disclosed its long-awaited augmented reality (AR) enabled Spectacles. This new version of the glasses is the 4th reiteration of Spectacles, but this latest version is the first one that is equipped with built-in augmented reality features. Evan Spiegel (Company’s CEO) revealed the new specs at the company’s annual Partner Summit event. He said that they can now genuinely powder digital kinds of stuff in the physical realm.

These spectacles are armed with two cameras, touchpad controls, four microphones, and two stereo speakers. It has dual 3D waveguide displays that enable the wearer to see and interact with augmented reality (AR) elements. The Snapchat spectacles can also link directly to the Lenses and Lens Studio platform of Snapchat.

Spiegel further said that spectacles recognize what’s in their environment and recommend related Lenses based on what’s in your surroundings, you can then take a snap and send it to your friends.

Snapchat Uncovers Augmented Reality Enabled Spectacles

Snapchat Augumented Reality Equiped Spectacles
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Alike Spectacles 3, the corporation appears to be putting the specs as a device for digital creators rather than routine users of Snapchat. According to Spiegel, the company has been testing the spectacles with a test group of creators and artists. But contrasting other iterations of Glasses, the latest version isn’t for sale (at least not yet). Snap blog post reads (published on its website) that it allows digital creators who want to use the spectacles to request a pair, but it also reads that the “new Spectacles are not for sale.”

That’s not dreadfully astonishing seeing the new glasses frames seem considerably massive than earlier versions of Spectacles—- the new glasses weigh nearly 134 grams. And the added tech features likely suggest that the price of the glasses would be significantly higher than the already expensive $380 Spectacles 3. These extra features also suggest that battery life may be a problem, as Spiegel stated they can be used for “around 30 minutes at a time.”

Furthermore, Company appears to be anticipating the Glasses will encourage novel kinds of AR development and perhaps may also update future AR glasses. Employing Lens Studio, creators can design fresh AR effects for the spectacles and drive them straight to the frames for testing.

In spite of the initial failure of Spectacles and the flop of Google Glass for consumers, the technological industry is still vigorously capitalizing on smart glasses. Google is now concentrating on proposing augmented reality (AR) specs for industries and Apple is supposed to be working on AR glasses too.

Many other internet companies including Google (GOOG), Facebook (FB), and Amazon (AMZN) are also actively considering expanding their income streams with hardware products, by entrenching themselves deeper into their consumers’ lives. For example, Facebook recently entered into hardware with its video-chatting device.

Debra Aho Williamson, a principal analyst of eMarketer (research firm), admired Snapchat for its ongoing experiment with its idea of AR. But she said she has doubts about this latest version of Spectacles as– will it have mass appeal?

She also said that a bulky user interface with a high price will make Snapchat users simply look for other ways.

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