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Kamala Harris Became First US Women to Get Presidential Powers

Kamala Harris makes history when she became the first US woman to get presidential powers during Joe Biden’s colonoscopy procedure.

All the credit goes to the colonoscopy procedures that made history.

When President Biden went for his routine medical checkup and was under anesthesia, Vice President of United States Kamala Harris was supposed to act as the President of the U.S.

It was the first time in the history of the U.S that a woman served in that role temporarily (for over an hour). President Joe Biden relinquished his power to Harris for around 85 minutes on Friday. According to the White House, she worked from her office in the West Wing for that duration of time.

Kamala Harris Became First US Women to Get Presidential Powers

The moment delivered a preview of an upcoming time that has so far shown obscure for United States’ women. Numerous women have run for America’s highest administrative office including Hillary Clinton but none has thrived yet.

Kamala Harris Makes History Again
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Before dropping out in last year’s primary, Kamala Harris sought the Democratic presidential nomination. Joe Biden selected her shortly as his vice president right before getting the nomination himself.

Jen Psaki (White House Press Secretary) stated that Biden was cognizant of the fact when choosing Harris that he was making history that was belated for so long. He further added that he choose her because she was prepared to step in if there was a reason to.

Psaki further told reporters that we make history every time we work together, every time Harris is out there speaking on behalf of the nation as the vice president of the US. But surely this was the next chapter in history.

Harris soon left the White House once President Joe Biden was not under anesthesia. And she went for a trip to Columbus, Ohio (where she visited a union headquarters as part of the management’s efforts to endorse its infrastructure regulation).

Because of her historic rank, Harris has gotten immense attention, and Biden’s age also put her at advantage. Joe Biden is the oldest individual to be on oath as US president, and he turns 79 this year.

According to the White House, Biden received the colonoscopy which was described as his regular medical examination. After leaving Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and returning to the White House Biden said he had a “great physical”.  

According to a report released by the White House said the results of the colonoscopy were “reassuring.” It also reads Biden’s movements are “perceptibly stiffer and less fluid” than in the past, and a medical examination revealed that the stiffness is the outcome of “wear and tear” over the years.

The report determined that President Joe Biden “is physically fit to effectively perform the obligations of the presidency.”

The delegation of the presidency was controlled under Section 3 of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which permits the Biden to freely transmit power to Vice President Harris.

Back in 2002 and 2007, President George W. Bush had colonoscopies, transferring authority to Vice President Dick Cheney provisionally.

This moment is pivotal in the life of a country not only because it gets a lot of attention, but it aids us to grow used to seeing women in this position.

People must understand that “business goes on as usual” with a woman as a president.


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