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CDC director says about 70 million Americans are still unvaccinated and its alarming situtation

Three-quarters of US eligible residents have taken a minimum of the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. And some of them are now can take an added booster shot. But the Covid-19 still poses a great threat to more than 70 million Americans if they remain unvaccinated.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky (the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), said unvaccinated people are at the edge of vulnerability.
On Friday, CDC agreed on a supplementary third shot of Pfizer vaccine to three high-risk groups of Americans.

US-based Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said during his conference that “counting from today, if you have completed six months since you have taken your last dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and moreover if you fall into one of three high-risk groups, you are qualified for a booster shot”

Murphy further added:
• “Number 1: You are 65 or older.”
• “Number 2: You have a medical condition that places you at high risk of severe illness with Covid and these conditions include high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and any disease/s.”
• “Number 3: You work/live in an environment where you are exposed to a great risk of Covid. Such as teachers, health care workers, and those living in shelter houses, prisons and grocery store workers,”

Walensky recognized that even with more Americans becoming eligible for booster shots, America must ramp up initial vaccination numbers for the contagion to diminish.
She also emphasized on Friday that “We will not boost our way out of this pandemic,”

As of Friday CDC data shows that more than 55% of US residents are fully vaccinated, while 75% of the eligible residents received their one dose of immunization.

“A fresh CNN investigation exhibited the normal rate of Covid demises in the 10 least vaccinated US states was more than 4 times higher over the past week than the rate in the 10 most vaccinated US states”.

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CDC vaccine consultants had endorsed that vaccine booster shots should be recommended to people who are over 65 and those with other health risks and those who are working in a setting where they are more exposed to the infection.

Walensky also explained to Erin Burnett (CNN”) that “the question wasn’t ‘yes or no,’ the question was ‘wait or do now,'”. Because ultimately, the decision for vaccine boosters was about
“providing rather than withholding access” and we need to shield society as a whole.

Boosters are ready now
“CVS Health announced on Friday that boosters are already available in approximately 6,000 of its sites started offering appointment schedules for a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine.”
As the federal health administrators have only approved Pfizer’s booster shot, “people who first received the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) inoculation don’t qualify for a Pfizer’s booster at this time,” You can also check the recent article that how to boosts metabolism and what research says about it.

Those who are planning to go for the booster shot are required to “self-attest to their eligibility” CVS public health officials added. And they also must have received Pfizer’s initial two doses.

Walensky reassured us, we are working to plan the next steps for people who have received Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines. For the next steps, we will evaluate the available data with urgency in the coming weeks for making additional recommendations for the people at risk.

Murthy (the US surgeon general) said that the US Food and Drug Administration authority “is working on high priorities with Moderna and J&J companies to retrieve and analyze their data as quickly with the aim of providing booster approvals for Moderna and J&J receivers in the coming weeks.

While in California, and Los Angeles County vaccination shots have also began offering to the residents who display proof of inoculation and confirm their eligibility.


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